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Non-Permitted & Illegally Built Structures

Real Estate Sale affected by Non-Permitted Construction?

Unpermitted construction discovered in the middle of a home sale can halt the preceding. Taking shortcuts and not following the necessary procedures required by your local building department can end up lowering your home's value, and you might even need to bring it up to code as a condition of the sale.

What can we do about it?

Our team will conduct a survey of the problem, prepare code-compliant construction drawings, gain the permits, and ensure inspection approvals so that your unpermitted structure is properly permitted.

Why are you receiving a Code Violation?

Your local City and County building departments use a combination of tools to locate non-permitted construction such as a garage port buildout: aerial photos, Code Enforcement Officer drive-by, real estate listings (listed square footage vs. County records), and even your neighbors.

Ready Permits

New Construction / New Home

Construction Drawings

Our team of Architects, Engineers, and Contractors can assist in the design of your new construction, renovation, or addition. We can create code compliant construction drawings that meet your specification and design intent.

Inspection and Correction of Non-Permitted Construction

We start with research of your property by verifying open/expired permits and the reason for being in violation of Code. Then we take field measurements and verify type of construction, sizes, and code violations.

Construction Drawings & Permits

Once we have gathered all the necessary information we need to coordinate with our Engineers and General Contractors, we can prepare your code-compliant construction documents and submit your plans for the required permits.

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Ready Permits provides a quick, easy, and efficient way to process, close, and expedite permits for “non-permitted” or “illegally built structures”.

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